Our favourite bars and restaurants in London

A city of energy and diversity – London has an infinite array of hotspots: places to chill, to eat, to hangout, to contemplate, to enjoy, to live life. Mayfair located in the west end of London, is a luxury town which is considered to be one of the most expensive locations not only in London …

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Travelling and food lovers

“Travelling sets you free Food makes you glee” ~anonymous~   And anyone who loves doing both is a Happy Person . Who doesn’t love to travel? The world is a beautiful place and the scenic pleasure God has presented us with to witness is beyond any majesticity. Dalai Lama said,  “Once a year go someplace …

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Eating healthy while travelling

  While on travel it becomes easy to sway and let go of the normal healthy eating plan as the rush of activities tempts you to grab that unhealthy burger. But with little planning and care it’s easy to maintain that healthy regime when travelling thus minimising illnesses. Carry home cooked own meal on flight …

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