A continent with 50 countries: Europe is a never ending adventure and once you start exploring the place, it would take a lifetime to be done with all of its elements of awe. If you love travelling then Europe must have always been in your mind. And if it is next in queue then we would be glad to help as we narrow down to the 10 best things you cannot miss in Europe. Inspite the fact that Europe has a long list of arrays to do yet, we have somehow come down to 10 of all, so as to make it an easier task for you to achieve. So let’s get down to checking them out.

Dig into the Romanian History

The historic significance of Rome is tremendous and once you get the hang of it, you would love to delve more into it. Amidst the colosseum and churches and other ancient museums, Rome offers you one of the best walking tours you will not find in any other location. Vatican City, St. Peter’s Basilica, MichaelAngelo’s Chapel are only some of the architectural extravaganzas that you will witness as you stroll through the streets of Rome.

Train tours in Europe

Train journey in Europe is a compulsory activity. It is a delight in itself as you go through the landscapes of the towns and feel the real essence of natural beauty. The sight of the mountains sprinkled with snow here and there or the beautiful autumn seasoned trees as you pass through them, is something you would cherish forever. The Dublin rail tour is one of the most popular railway tour in Europe.

 Witness the northern lights

A sight of wonder: the Northern Lights is a show of the dancing lights also known as Aurora Borealis. Reykjavik gives the best show of Northern Lights and Iceland welcomes the tourists with open arms presenting them not only with the northern lights but also other local activities you would never regret.

Experience the live cultural shows

Europe is a casket of cultural treasures and the cultural ethnicity has been kept alive through years through art. Art is a respected form here and hence one can see many art and culture programs, museums, workshops, courses, etc. here. Paris, Venice, Vatican City, London, ancient Rome, Greece, Pompeii and so many other places are here, wherein history lovers would go berserk once they visit and smell the essence of art and history here.

Take a castle tour

Castles are huge and seeing them from near is a magnificent experience. Europe is home to the most magnanimous castles you will ever see in history. The castles here date back to as much as the 12th century and still stand erect with virility. Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany), Chenonceau Castle (France), Alcázar of Segovia (Spain), Moszna Castle (Poland) are only a few of the hundred others.

Taste the drinks of Europe

Europe is the home to some of the most popular alcoholic beverages. Wines of Italy and beers of Germany is something you would love to taste. In Italy wine tasting is a custom and you can never resist yourself from having a sip of the famous Tuscan wine. Germany on the other hand, produces the best beer and you’re in for a treat if you can visit the Oktoberfest here.

Discover the adventurer in you

Europe gives you the best sports adventures you have ever heard of, be it in the waters, snow, dirt, air or straight up on land.  Europeans are somewhat fearless who loves to try anything adventurous like true daredevils. If you have even an ounce of adventure blood in you then you will love Europe.

Taste the delicious cuisines here

Travelling is incomplete without the right kind of food. In Europe, there are so many old recipes that have been passed on through generations and today when you visit the region you will be bowled over by the ethnic dishes offered to you starting from Italian to Mexican to French and American food.

Take a Road trip

Road trips are heaven for those who don’t consider driving a chore and when that road trip is blessed with beautiful landscape and scenery, it is magical. With some of the most spectacular views in Europe, road trips in Austria, France, Germany, Iceland, and Ireland are truly exotic.

Get a beach tan

With some incredible beaches spread over the continent, lying on the sand and getting tanned on the European beaches is a treat to oneself. Amalfi Coast, Cala Macarella, Stiniva Beach, Concha, Apela Beach are just a few of the majestic beaches in Europe.

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