As the world prepares to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the New Year, winter gradually seeps in and the holiday phase begins, in other words the season to travel sets in. So what are the places that you ought to jot down to make a visit this winter season? With new year on the threshold, it indeed is the time to get busy on the shopping streets, dancing along the festive beats, party hop around the town and make the best of the landscape views and beauties around. December is a month of whirlwind as the best features of Mother Nature gets magnified during this season. Christmas adds to the picturesque beauty and the red fever makes it even more magnificent. So, what are the places that appeals and scores the goal in the winter season? Let’s check them out.


The streets of history, the gothic architecture, cathedrals, holiday markets and so much more; Prague is the magical land during the winter season. Prague is considered one of the best places to visit during the season of Christmas. With myriads of things that can be done in Prague in the winters, some of the things you must not miss are a stroll on the Charles Bridge that has secured a spot in everybody’s minds with its serene view, dinner amidst a Mozart performance, walking across the Prague Castle, visiting the infamous X beer 33 and having a sip at this 550 years old institution and many others.


Hogmanay: one of the most popular fests in Scotland held at Edinburgh is a spot for major attraction in the winter season. The Scottish way of celebrating the inception of the New Year, people get into an extremely suave and merry mood during this period. Strolling around the capital city of Scotland during this period is in itself a sight of joy as you make your rounds around architectural delights of the Georgian history, the castles, coves, palaces and monuments.


When you think of Norway, what comes to mind are the northern lights and what better place to observe this majestic phenomenon than Tromso. Located in the northern part of the Arctic circle, Tromso attracts hundreds of tourists from September to March, which is the peak season when the northern lights display its exceptional magnificence. Apart from witnessing the stupefying light miracles, there are many activities you can try out here in Tromso, look around the museums, botanical gardens and check out their local craftworks as well.


With over 100 ski runs, Courchevel in France stands in the center of French Alps. With the right kind of slope for all levels of skiers right from novice to an expert, the courses here are extremely popular. The town turns into a winter playground for people of all classes who flock to this place to enjoy the activities and the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes.


The place where Mozart lived around 250 years ago, Salzburg sits on the border of Germany with a view towards the Eastern Alps. Famous for its baroque architecture, it is the fourth largest city of Austria. The classic essence of the place along with the flowing Salzach river beside, Salzburg has been the set of the movie The Sound of Music which is considered commendable for its surrounding fortresses and mountains. Salzburg tales you to a different level with its scenery, music, history and of course the beautiful skyline.