Spectacular Islands in the World

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Beaches never fail to amaze us – whether it’s the sound of the swooshing waves or the cold breeze flirting against the skin, the beach feels are always soul stirring. Sitting under the beach palms and staring at the serene blue sea, a getaway to an island simply takes you afloat a paradise you always …

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Places Travelers Are Searching for Right Now


Travelling need not be time specific. You can travel anytime when the travel bug bites you. Being an ardent traveller, you are more prone to being bitten by the bug, however often you run out of ideas as to where must you travel next. Seems like a pretty tenacious job to do, isn’t it? MS …

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Best Wine Regions to Visit


The world is filled with wine lovers – correction; the world is blessed to be filled with wine lovers. Those who share this drunken lover affair know that wine tasting can be a unique experience which starts from the vineyards itself! A trip to some of the best vineyards across the globe calls for lush …

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Malini’s favorites in Florence


The capital of Italy’s Tuscany region boasts of an internationally esteemed place which is popular for its art and architecture of the renaissance period. The Italian renaissance movement began here and since then, the traces left due to its impact are gigantic. Known as the land of art, Florence has myriads of artists, writers, explorers, …

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Travel Insurances: Our advises


Unpredictability is the way of life and so is insurance. As we plan out on our trip, contemplating on which top hotspots to visit or where to stay and for how long, we often skip the most important part of the trip – travel insurance.  For trips that have us emptying the shillings, having a …

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Sardinia and Sicily: 2 gems in the Mediterranean


Rich in history, culture and natural beauty, Italy is one gem of a country and when it is about the islands of the nation, nothing can beat it. A country that has been making people go gaga with its scenic landscapes, it indeed is very hard to pick out the best of all the beauties. …

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Germany: Hidden secrets


What comes to your mind when you hear ‘Germany’? Beer, sausages, Oktoberfest, Berlin Wall, Alps and others. After being voted the most popular country in the world, Germany has been luring more visitors with every passing year. However, very less people know that there is more to Germany than just the delicacies and the ale. …

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