The drug is a crystalline powder that white to off-white in color and is almost insoluble in water. It was first developed in the vountry of France by a neurophysiologist named Michael Jouvet and Lafon Labaratories.
In the United Kingdom, it was approved for medical use in 2002.

It is normally taken in the morning or if prescribed in two doses, in the morning and midday. buy Provigil without a prescription are not to be taken in the afternoon or before one goes to sleep as it may cause sleep disturbances

This a sleep disorder where the patient stops breathing for short periods thus not getting enough rest during their sleep. provigil affects the part of the brain that controls the sleep and wake cycle.

provigil also has performance-enhancing effects and use of it has been prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency in 2004.
Apparently, provigil can extend the regular exercide time and can lessen the perceived level of effort during exercise. It was used by athletes in the past for these effects like cyclist Davis Clinger. Since the 1980’s , some Europeans students and company executeives have used provigil to improve their perfomance in school and at work.