While on travel it becomes easy to sway and let go of the normal healthy eating plan as the rush of activities tempts you to grab that unhealthy burger. But with little planning and care it’s easy to maintain that healthy regime when travelling thus minimising illnesses.

Carry home cooked own meal on flight

When you pack your own meal,  you save yourself from eating that overpriced,  unhealthy meal offered by the airline. Keep it dry and nutrient-dense to avoid leakage in the bag like nuts,  fruits and protein bars.

Look around before buying

Instead of rushing out to the first shop in the stations or terminals, look around for healthier options. Though it is difficult, but presently there is a huge trend for healthy outlets, so incase you get hold of one, pack some for a few more days.

Keep yourself hydrated

Keep drinking plenty of fluids and water is the safest bet over other beverage options. The second choice could be milk or juice but avoid soda which is no good.

Don’t reach out to fast food

While travelling it is always a safer bet to rely upon vegetables and fruits and lean proteins than filling yourself with easy accessible meal options that are fattening and high in calories. They come cheap, but on the long-run causes damage.

Choose restaurants smartly

If possible, decide on the menu a prior. Opt for meat and fish to be grilled or boiled instead of being fried and similarly with vegetables too. Try and avoid dressing accompaniments, but if you must then take them on the side and have as less as possible. It is easy access to alcohol while you are travelling, so be careful especially if you are driving. Otherwise limit yourself to light beer and only some wine.

Don’t skip breakfast

It is important to avoid and resist the temptation of snacking and this is possible when you have a wholesome breakfast of high fibre and protein. A filing breakfast also helps you get going for the rest of the day and make full use of the complimentary ones from the hotel. This way you will feel energised till lunch time and be ready for the day long activities.

So if you are on the road, fill your cooler with healthy snacks and bottled water and stop on a long drive frequently for an exercise break. When choosing a hotel opt for an apartment where you can cook your own food. But if you are on a cruise ship, there is no dearth of fast and unhealthy food available. So if you do indulge, remember at least to exercise. The healthier you stay the more beautiful does your travel becomes.