“Travelling sets you free

Food makes you glee”



And anyone who loves doing both is a Happy Person . Who doesn’t love to travel? The world is a beautiful place and the scenic pleasure God has presented us with to witness is beyond any majesticity. Dalai Lama said,  “Once a year go someplace you have never been before” and when you have been to the place you must never miss the cuisines there. Every place is blessed with its own set of special delicacies and having a taste of these delicacies is definitely worth a treat.

With seven continents,  with about 190 countries around the world, one can imagine the number of dishes one can have to taste in a lifetime. Every continent, with different countries, with different states and then different cultures, is definitely a long queue of cuisines to relish.

As we plan to visit a new place, apart from the spots and places we note to visit, we must also bullet a list on tasting its therapeutic food. Often some prefer not to go for any experimentation and rather stick to their same ol’ routine food, but, hey, isn’t trying out new things the best part of life unless ofcourse you are not clearly banned from doing so for some other health reasons. So, how are we not supposed to miss the amazing cuisines of a place?

List out the ethnic delicacies

Every place has its own quality dish, a dish made from its local herbs, spices or in its own special techniques. Before visiting the place, one must note down these elements or even if missed, one must definitely take the food guidance from a local or a guide.

Check out the best restaurants

Today the presence of internet has made life so easy that one can easily sort out the most popular restaurants of a place and so he must. Doing this makes it easier to have the best food in a place you don’t know at all and also to have the taste of the best local cuisines.

Try to have a homestay

Homestays are beneficial in so many ways. You not only get to eat the pure local ethnic delicacies but also you get to learn so much about the place and its history. Whenever one plans to visit any new country or even a city, one must try to make at least one night homestay possible, in order to make it one of the most splendid travelling stories ever.

Learn a recipe!

What better way to have a travel relic than having a recipe you can cook and eat whenever you feel like it, for life. If you are not much of a chef material, then just jot it down and let someone else do it when you get back home!