A city of energy and diversity – London has an infinite array of hotspots: places to chill, to eat, to hangout, to contemplate, to enjoy, to live life. Mayfair located in the west end of London, is a luxury town which is considered to be one of the most expensive locations not only in London but in the world. Mayfair can never disappoint you when it comes to lavish spending, be it food, clothes, accessories or anything else. Let’s look around for some of the best bars and restaurants at Wimbledon in London.

Ristorante Frescobaldi

It dates back to 30 generations and is one of the oldest wine dynasties that clearly talks of the wine quality offered here. The place boasts of not just its elegant decor but also the pastas and risottos! Visit the place with hopes and expectations of being served a satisfying meal and relax. It won’t be late until you will be served some amazing Tagliolini, with the essence of butter and other aromatic herbs.With a Tuscan style interior, this is a place you could never miss out as you lay your eyes around 15 New Burlington place. The hand painted murals and the surrounding fairy lights around the place pulls you to the place seducing with magnificence. The food here on the other hand is the prime appeal of the place presenting you with the best risotto or other out-of-the-oven dishes you could ever taste. The wine here is magic too, so definitely do not forget to taste the wine here.


For those of you who loves Indian food, we must say Jamavar is a must visit.  This new food joint in Mayfair, London definitely did not take much time to swing up the popular ladder. Opening in December 2016, Jamavar won all hearts when it successfully served some of the most exotic Indian dishes to its visitors. Set across two floors, the interiors of this luxury restaurant grabs the eye as it is highly inspired by the traditional Kashmiri handworks including embellishments and brass works.

One of the many posh restaurants in Mayfair, the place is a studded jewel box for it has the glitters of shining jewellery. The food served is extraordinary and to be savored along with the most exotic drinks you would ever taste. Visiting this place empty stomach would be the best gift you could ever give to your croaking stomach!

Park Chinois

The latest talk of the town, Park Chinois is a glittery fancy place that serves great Asian food. With flickering candlelight, the restaurant is strewn with gold and red curtains all around giving you that exhilarating moment to concentrate on the delicious dish served on your table so that you can relish it without fail. Offering some of the best ducks you will ever find in London, it does not just limit you to that. Offering you variety with other luxury dishes, the restaurant makes way for the dance floor as the night slowly seeps in.


One of the most trusted bars in Mayfair is Claridge’s and whenever you are in the mood for some exclusive drinks,  this definitely is the place. With a clientele list of the top celebrities, Claridge’s boasts of having the finest champagnes and ancient liquor you cannot find elsewhere. It has an extensive drinks menu that is never ending giving you with options to die for.

Popular around the globe as an exotic location with the richest populating it, Mayfair would never disappoint you when it comes to its food and drinks. When in London, keep the pockets full and get ready to expend it in this luxury town. We are sure, you would not be disappointed.