Planning on turning your birthday into a lavish party in one of those scintillating destinations? Get in touch with us and we organize it just the way you want us to! Our team at MS Travels is a dedicated team of experts who won’t stop at just giving you service but rather an experience of a lifetime. There are myriads of choices you can opt for to make your birthday a kicking event, however let us check out a few of the best places around the world you can host your birthday in.


Standing on river Thames, London also known as ‘The Old Smoke’ and ‘The Square Mile’ is a giver of happiness in all forms starting from neck breaking skyscrapers to scenic pleasures to art and culture. Inviting your friends over to London for this special day of yours not only sounds tempting but also would undoubtedly be a day of grandeur and thrill. An array of unusual and unique location awaits you in London wherein you can turn your birthday into one happening party.


Barcelona in Spain is another place MS Travels suggests if you intend to have a birthday party that is sure to be etched in your minds forever. Be it a closed and private affair you want to have with your dear ones or be it the one that is rustic and filled with madness, we have the best choices for you. The Balearic Sea view standing five star properties at Barcelona brings to you the comfort and luxury that you definitely deserve being the birthday guy/girl. The venues facing the sea are worth dying for and having your birthday party here is a dream come true.


Ibiza can turn your birthday party into paradise, thanks to the striking blue water all around. What more can you ask for if you stand by the beach and dance your day and night into one of the most happiest days of your life, better yet making it a memorable one for your guests too! Be it elite villas or luxury yachts you want to spend your day in, we can help you arrange it all as you wish.  Beach clubs in Ibiza are one of the best places you must host your birthday parties for they let you soak under the sun along with soul rejuvenation.


The capital of Tuscany, Florence also popular as ‘The City of Lillies’ is historically embellished and to have a birthday party celebrated here is to re-live the ancient Italian history amidst it. A beautiful city that has a deluge of renaissance art, culture and architecture it indeed is heaven for a history lover. Birthday parties here can be overwhelming considering the interesting features of the place. What better way to spend your birthday looking at the sunset over the river Arno with a glass of classic wine with your loved ones.


A Moroccan city, Marrakesh is enriched with mosques, palaces and gardens. A city to explore, it does have many locations for hosting a party. You can even go for luxurious camp parties in the deserts of Morocco- adventurous, thrilling and memorable! An imperial city, this enchanting place treats you with luxury, yet letting you taste the essence of their culture and celebrate a birthday party with elegance.


Laying before you 2000 kms. of Mediterranean coastline, island Sardinia promises you some amazing beaches, sensational food and of course the friendliest locals one could ask for. The sandy beaches and the lakes here make this place like no other and an enchanting birthday destination. With over 80 bays at your disposal, the land is a paradise offering you scintillating beaches to dip your feet into as you sway to the tunes of your birthday song. Sardinia truly is one exotic location you would vouch for once you feel its aura.

Endeavoring to making trips momentous and extraordinary since 20 years, our team has the knack for giving you the best experience. Let your birthday be as special as you dreamt it to be!