A land of significant historical events, Western Europe is a treasure of infinite ancestry and heritage one can ever wonder about. Some of the radical events that took place in Western Europe and changed the course of the region are the French Revolution and the Industrial revolution, the Age of Discovery, the Renaissance amongst others. With countries like Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom amongst others covering the western part of Europe, historical importance here is sure to reign and rule.
A large part of the Western Europe was under the Roman and Greek influence owing to the Roman conquest. It was only later on after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire that the linguistic and political division took place with the east-west division of the Roman Empire. Tourist experts are of the theory that Western Europe is a heritage site for historical landmarks starting from Germany to United Kingdom to all the way to the south in Spain. There are so many wonderful sites to visit in Western Europe, be it the extravagance of Vienna state opera or the remaining city streets of Pompeii, making it the perfect dream destination for history lovers.
Eiffel tower, constructed in the year 1889 is a marvellous man made building that remained the tallest one until Chrysler building came up in the year 1930. Apart from the Eiffel tower, there is Chateau de Malmaison- Home of Napoleon Bonaparte, La Conciergerie, Palace of Versailles, Pont Neuf- the oldest bridge in Paris, The Bastille, The Pantheon – A Neo Classical Church which are all amazing historical sites one can never afford to miss in France. Berlin Wall, Schwerin Castle, Herrenchiemsee Palace, Hohenzollern Castle are few of the myriads of sites of historic importance in Germany. Rome in Italy is a gargantuan arena wherein stands the archaeological set ups of ancient days till today and tourists visiting this place still continues and will continue. The Colosseum, the Forum, St. Peter’s Basilica, The Pantheon are just a few to name out of all the places in Italy. United Kingdom has a very old heritage still preserved today adding to the historical richness of Western Europe. Some of the historical sites in United Kingdom are Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, Beaumaris Castle, Edinburgh Castle, Stonehenge, Arundel Castle, Bamburgh Castle and so many more, especially castles and palaces thus affirming the royal richness of the nation.
With a history of such royalty and ethnicity, Western Europe has a rich and massive significance making it one of the most sought after places to visit and witness. History lovers should definitely not give it a miss.