Unpredictability is the way of life and so is insurance. As we plan out on our trip, contemplating on which top hotspots to visit or where to stay and for how long, we often skip the most important part of the trip – travel insurance.  For trips that have us emptying the shillings, having a travel insurance is a must and extremely beneficial. Many incidents have been witnessed wherein, just because of the lack of an insurance people had a loss of not only money but lives as well. Just like we get life insurance, home insurance, car insurance, travel insurance is the same for we need to protect ourselves from the unseen.

So what exactly is travel insurance and how it works for you? Travel insurance is the savior when things go wrong in a trip. It is basically there if accidents happen which can be anything like baggage loss, a hike fall, severe sickness, trip cancellations due to unavoidable circumstances such as dear ones’ death. The reasons can be both health and non-health related. However, one must know that a travel insurance is not to cover your trip expenses nor is it your substitute for home health insurance. Misusing travel insurance is definitely not the wisest thing to do, for it calls for many legal proceedings that surely will not make you happy.

Now that you know about the perks of having a travel insurance, how do you decide which travel insurance to go for? Different travelers have different requirements and as per the travel requirements, the insurance varies as well. The first thing you would do is bring up your smartphone or laptop and search for the best travel insurance plans available with the help of the various comparison websites available today. But, there lies the catch, for different insurance plans try to keep their prices as low as possible in order to rank themselves on top of the results page. So, before opting for the lowest policy, it is always advised to look for the fine print of the policy. Though it is not possible to recommend only one type of policy to all travelers, yet the following factors can be considered while opting for the right type of policy for you:

  1. Multiple Cover

When a family travels together, it is convenient if the entire family or the couple is covered under one policy itself. Though these types of policies are hard to find today, yet it is not impossible.

  1. Multi Trip

If you are a frequent traveler, then you can consider this fact to get policies that cover for you for the entire year for as much as you travel with limitations on the length of every trip. The benefit of considering this factor is that you don’t have to apply for a new policy everytime you travel, rather the policy will continue to cover continuously.

  1. Sports and activities

All those adventure seekers need to consider this fact as there are policies that cover many sports in case things go out of hand. There are many activities today that have the risk factor intact such as scuba diving, skiing, paragliding, bungee-jumping, sky-diving, etc. It is indeed a step of wisdom if you go for travel insurance policy considering these factors.