If you are not from Europe then a trip to this land of mystery and ecstasy is a must in a lifetime. The European continent has the world’s largest country Russia as well as the smallest one,  Vatican City. It has some of the most magical lands that have been carrying legendary stories and history that is beyond the human imagination. With awestruck landscapes and monuments and natural scenic excellence, Europe never fails to amaze one, be it visually, intellectually or emotionally.

Europe has the most pleasant of surprises in stock for every being: art and architecture for art lovers, historical myths and stories for those history geeks, mountains and valleys for those die-hard adventurers, beaches and oceans for the water lovers, mouth-watering cuisines for the foodies, pilgrimages and holy places for the religious ones and so much more. It is indeed a massive task to take a tour of entire Europe and relish its flavours and essence.

If indeed you want to have the best of Europe then your pockets sure must be dangling with some heavy cash. Visiting Europe there are a dozen places you cannot afford to miss at all, some of them being: Netherlands, France, Belgium, Sweden, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, England, Slovakia, Hungary, Denmark, Scotland, Poland, Bulgaria and others. There are so many tourist spots scattered all around Europe that it is almost really hard to check out each one of them. Cities like Paris and Rome boast of some of the age old monuments and having a stroll around the Colosseum, St, Peter’s Basilica, Sistine Chapel, Eiffel tower and Vatican Museums is indeed a divine experience. Hop-On-Hop-Off tours that have been made available around the various countries in Europe are indeed a very convenient way to move around the towns for sight-seeing purposes. Outdoor enthusiasts must never miss out on the long list of adventurous activities that one can experience here. Trekking, mountaineering, cycling, rafting, kayaking, surfing are only a few amongst so many other to-dos. Edinburgh, Dublin, Florence, Milan has some of the best trails in the world that gives a trekker the unbeatable feeling of adventure. Europe also has the most famous movie shooting locations that have today become top spots for tourists. Harry Potter, Sound of Music and Game of Thrones are only a few of the many superhits that have made people go crazy about the locales and its divine beauty.

The cuisines and drinks of Europe have another story to tell. Beer and wine found in Europe is incomparable to any other drink in any other corner of the world. German beer is top-class and one of the prime reasons for people visiting Germany is definitely beer. European cuisines are internationally applauded food delicacies that have made its way into Asia and America as well. As the saying goes- ‘Seeing is believing’, hence one can never know until one sets foot into this majestic continent and experience one hell of a rollercoaster ride.