Setting foot into the month of August, who says that summer is over? There’s still way to go before you are done with the specials of the summer season. With the sun shedding its heat off on us, as the sweat trickles down the spine, we still can’t seem to get over the idea of having the perfect summer destinations you can visit in the coming months. Let’s take a sneak peek into the top five destinations that would turn your summers into ‘the perfect’ vacation.


September seems to be the best season for the Italians they make their return from their vacations and gear up for celebrations ahead. With the first Sunday of The month summers come to an end and then starts the season of small food festivals. September sets the base for the bigger food festivals in October to start. Known for its famous Italian food festivals, October is perhaps the best month for foodies to plan a trip to Italy.


With its diverse landscape of mountains, forests, deserts and of course the beaches, Mexico leaves you with an undying thirst to explore more of its places. The rich cultural heritage of Mexico mingled with the stunning sandy coastlines and the endless horizon with the beautiful sunset is something you will not witness anywhere else. The historic sites in Mexico such as the Mayan and Aztec sites which are also UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be a vital part of your visit to Mexico in the summers. Other popular places like the Grand Canyon, Puerto Vallarta, Tulum are worth visiting.

New York

The vacation possibilities in New York is infinite and when its summer, well there is no way you will not love this place! Whether you visit alone, with friends or family, New York has the right kind of spots for everyone. The top occasions to celebrate in September and October are NYC Food and Wine Festival, Newyork Coffee festival, Oktoberfest and Labor day.So, if you are really looking for a place to treat your taste buds like never before, New York is the place for you.


One of the most popular islands, Ibiza is an archipelago of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. Known for its awesome nightlife Ibiza even has a lot adventure to offer. From trekking to cave parties Ibiza hosts it all with great ardency. With October as the clubbing season comes to an end the entire city seems to be submerged in the party spirit.


The hub of wine and cheese, France is listed as one of the top destinations for tourists in the world. With a count of above 80 million tourists every year, the numbers says it all! The main attraction in October is the festival celebrating the grape harvest   which is now a tradition which has been kept very much alive and well.It is one of the most awaited events which is all about tastingwine and fine food.