Rich in history, culture and natural beauty, Italy is one gem of a country and when it is about the islands of the nation, nothing can beat it. A country that has been making people go gaga with its scenic landscapes, it indeed is very hard to pick out the best of all the beauties. There are indeed many Mediterranean islands and two out of them stand out as gems of the sea. With pure white dazzling shores, the islands have been able to attract millions of tourists every year with the numbers increasing with every passing year.

Vibrant and vivacious, Sardinia is the second largest island in the sea. The perfect host for the romantics, the island is definitely one of the most seductive destinations in Italy. The distinct culture, cuisine and charm of the place appeals one to visit it over and over again.

A sophisticated island, Sardinia has everything to offer to its visitors starting from stupendous beaches, royal hosting, scenic beauty and glamour. With over a thousand kilometres of coastline, the beaches in Sardinia cross a hundred with many unnamed and undiscovered coves and coastlines. Visiting Sardinia not only gives you a peek into paradise but also allows you to go beyond the beauty of the island. There are indeed many places here that needs to be explored and studied. There are many places in Sardinia you ought not to miss, however let us look into a few that manages to mandatorily stick to the checklist of Sardinia.

Castelsardo is a medieval village that has mesmerised all who visited it. Considered to be one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, it gives you fantastic view of Gulf of Asinara. The largest canyon of Europe, Gola di Gooropu can be found in Sardinia. The La Pelosa Beach, Neptune Caves, Alghero e Bos, Chia beach, Nuraghe of Barumini are only a few of the many places worth visiting in Sardinia. The beaches, villages, the caves, canyons, cliffs and other pleasant sights are available in Sardinia in preponderance.

A truly captivating place: Sicily is what it is. The island in the Mediterranean sea, Sicily is considered to be undoubtedly the most divine and beautiful island in all of Europe. The place has its own aroma of cuisine, culture, nature and landscape and innumerable tourist spots to visit. The highest volcano in Europe- Mt. Etna, an archaeological park, historic cities and many other Arabian flavoured cities is located in Sicily. Surrounded by mountains, hills and of course the sea, it seems that nature has graced this place with all of its essence not to forget volcanoes. A land that inspires and hail nature, men must acknowledge it exactly the way it deserves to be.