Travelling need not be time specific. You can travel anytime when the travel bug bites you. Being an ardent traveller, you are more prone to being bitten by the bug, however often you run out of ideas as to where must you travel next. Seems like a pretty tenacious job to do, isn’t it? MS Travels is here to make your job easier and well, to do your job in fact. Trending places today gives you a clear idea of what are the best places to visit now and so based on that let’s check out the places travelers are searching for right now.


An unusual place yet this place never fail to amuse you. Built in 300 BC, Petra is one of the most famed archaeological sites that have historians going crazy to study the place. There are places you ought to visit here in Jordan, such as Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, Roman theatre, Amman Citadel, Kerak Castle and others.


One of the most sought after spots to visit today, Reykjavik is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Who doesn’t know about the northern lights? And when you do, how can you not witness it standing right there and staring at those glaring lights dancing in the sky. The northern lights are one of nature’s most beautiful jewels and you definitely must witness it in your lifetime.


The star of the Greek islands, Santorini is the first name that comes when you talk of islands and beaches and sand and palm trees. White-washed buildings and the turquoise blue water beating against the gleaming sands instantly gives you the feeling of the Greek islands. The uniqueness of Santorini is hard to ignore and all the sunsets, swimming and the mesmerising views you get here steals your breath away leaving you gazing at infinity as time stops by.


The capital of Japan for over 1000 years, Kyoto has stood the storms of time and is a well preserved city today. Witnessing the World War II, Japan has seen the worst and still diligently welcomes tourists with open arms and you would never be disheartened on visiting this place of awe and amazement. With a rich cultural history, Kyoto has much to offer from its Buddhist temples to the Shinto Shrines and the famous Japanese cuisines.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg in Russia, one of the most sought after places when it comes to architecture, does have its own charm and ancestry. There are indeed a lot of places in St. Petersburg that you would love to stroll around and dedicate some time to the magnificence of art and admire it wholeheartedly. Peterhof Palace, Winter Palace, Hermitage Museum and Peter & Paul Fortress are only a few of the many places to visit here.

Amalfi Coast

You won’t know what ‘stunning’ is unless you visitAmalfi coast. One of Italy’s priceless treasures, Amalfi Coast has been the object of awe for millions since ages. With a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean landscape, Italy boasts of this heavenly beauty to which tourists can’t help but reciprocate by stepping into this magical land. There are many great places you would die for here such as the Positano, Cetera, Sorrento and Atrani amongst others.

With so many countries to visit and explore, these are not even one tenth of it leaving you with a hundred other places to visit. So, as the search for the most popular places continue, the decision is always yours to opt for where you would find your peace and serene.