Ibiza, Spain recognized by tourists from across the globe as the most happening place on earth for music and dance has in the last 20 years truly taken the world of partying by storm. If you love partying and the very idea of the floor shaking with the sound of music gets you excited – then Ibiza is just the place for you.

Ibiza’s current status of the world’s hottest partying destination is owed to 4 British DJ’s that visited the place in 1987 – Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling, Johnny Walker and Nicky Holloway. They established the pop-culture in Ibiza and also took it with themselves to the United Kingdom.

Today, Ibiza’s club life and the success of which can be noted from the fact that an average ticket to one of the leading clubs costs $55, rising to $77 for last-minuters. Clubbers typically budget $2,200 per week and while the tickets aren’t cheap; the memories that you’re to make are truly priceless and it’s for a reason that Ibiza’s clubs charge what they do; as they say “quality comes at a price”.

It is no wonder then that with such popularity associated with Ibiza’s clubs and nightlife; everyone wants to make a few bucks and the list of clubs in Ibiza is quite long and it thus gets tricky to choose which clubs are the best. Worry not; we give you just the right tip to which clubs you must visit when you’re in Ibiza.

Nightlife in Ibiza

  • Hi Club :The newest club in the white isle of Ibiza is Hi, owned by Ushuaia Entertainment. The club programming is set to include ‘biggest stars of the scene’ and ‘leading lights of underground’. The intention behind the name is to highlight how a simple ‘Hi’ can start new friendships and make two strangers feel more friendlier – the whole idea of nightlife in Ibiza is to bring people from the world over together and that’s what Hi aspires to do.
  • PachaIbiza : regarded as perhaps the most posh club of Ibiza, Pacha is quite popular among the VIP’s who visit this paradise of music and dance, Ibiza. The club is open all throughout the year on Friday’s and Saturday’s, while open all 7 days from May to October. The club’s star DJ list includes resident DJ’s like David Guetta & Bob Sinclair. This club therefore gets many people visiting just to be in the same club as some of the world’s top-most celebrity DJ’s and VIP’s. Comparatively to other clubs in the list, this one goes back to 1973 – the year that it opened and has since in the last 45 years took the Ibiza partying scene by storm.
  • Blue Marin :the club’s popularity can be known by the fact that it has an exclusive Blue Marin Taxi Service, employed to get private clientele from their yachts to the club. The party at Blue Marin can go upto 4 AM and is often in the presence of guest DJ’s like DJ Dosem, Varela and Mendo.
  • Lio :Located just in front of the Marina Botafoch, the club vaunts the beauty of the old town in Dalt Vila. With top-notch quality of gastronomy, art, music and clubbing – it’s no wonder that Lio is one of the finest clubs in Ibiza. The club is known to have the best cabaret part in town and for awesome summer surprises that has in the past included Jean Claude Ades extremely successful ‘Be Crazy Party’ to get the Ibiza party rolling.
  • Amnesia Ibiza :this place once belonged to a wealthy Spanish family but has since been turned into a perfect party spot for Ibiza visitors. It’s been a hotspot for dance artists since the 1980’s and has a custom sound system, 2 rooms and a greenhouse terrace where parties start at night and continue all the way till sunrise.
  • Eden : the feel of an underground club is something unparalleled as the whole vibe of being truly in-sync with the music; something only felt in underground clubs makes partying even more fun. Eden renovated itself last year and has since come with a new sound system that makes you ‘feel the music’ underground.

Luxury hotels in Ibiza

Las Aguas De Ibiza : an ideal luxury hotel to sit back and take in the feeling of being on a holiday which gets you rejuvenated under the sun of Ibiza. With 112 superb suites, this hotel which is owned by Torres family is considered one of the best luxury hotels of the town. The beautifully designed rooms and equally efficient services under Feng Shui principles make it a delight for lovers of royal stay.

Santa Eulalia : a quite stay resort in Ibiza – a town that is often buzzing and getting you in the mood to party, sometimes it’s just the right idea to sit back and relax. The 3rd largest resort of Ibiza is just 21 kms away from the airport. The beautiful and exclusive Yacht, finest restaurants of the Island and plenty of options on offer for shopping makes Santa Eulalia just the stop for a family getaway – it therefore has a rather laidback lifestyle suiting to a family’s aspirations of a relaxed and rejuvenating holiday.

How to get to Ibiza from India?

There are flights from India to Ibiza – with at least 1change of plane in the journey that spans around 35 hours (across different airlines). Travelling via Jet Airways will mean only 1 stop over i.e. at Amsterdam and the stoppage will be of 21h40m.

If you decide to go through Turkish Airlines, the route will be Delhi>Istanbul>Madrid>Ibiza. While if you choose to flyon Qatar Airways,the route is Delhi>Doha>Barcelona>Ibiza. Via the British Airways, one can get to Ibiza via the route of Delhi>London>Madrid>Ibiza.