What comes to your mind when you hear ‘Germany’? Beer, sausages, Oktoberfest, Berlin Wall, Alps and others. After being voted the most popular country in the world, Germany has been luring more visitors with every passing year. However, very less people know that there is more to Germany than just the delicacies and the ale. Let’s check out some of the unexplored yet interesting travel destinations in Germany.

Trier, Rhineland Palatinate

With a history that can be traced back to 16,000 years ago, Trier is considered to be the oldest town in Germany. The town is popular for the roman ruins that can be found everywhere for a visitor to get awed by. Trier stands in a valley near the border of Luxembourg from where you can visit various places nearby such as Porta Nigra, High Cathedral of Saint Peter, Aula Palatina, Karl Marx House, Hauptmarkt, Roman Imperial Baths and many more.


Situated in northern Germany, on the Baltic Sea, Wismar is a port which is included in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. It is the capital city of Nordwestmecklenburg and also a Hanseatic city with its Patrician Gable houses. With a population of just 45,000 this lost city has some remarkable foundations one must not miss. Some of the places worth visiting in Wismar are Nikolaikirche, Kirche St. Georgen, Welt-Erbe-Haus, Furstenhof.


A town that has precious architectural history, Gorlitz can be seen in various movies that we watch today. Not much known even amongst the Germans, the town has however, grabbed the eyes at an international level with its presence in movies. The most eastern city in Germany, Gorlitz residents are now quite accustomed to the fact that Hollywood celebrities shop and eat in the same places as they do. No wonder, Görlitz is now known as Görliwood. Whether you want to simply get lost in the city or check out the film settings of Grand Budapest Hotel, The Reader or Inglorious Bastards, you can’t help but fall in love with this petite little town.


Located on river Fulda, Fulda city is located in Hesse. The city is full of landmark sites that primarily pertain to history such as museums and other religious sites. Some of the places tourists would love to visit here are Kloster Frauenberg, Dahliengarten, Altes Rathaus, Fulda Cathedral among others.

Obersee Lake

One of the most stunning hidden gems in Germany is the Obersee Lake. Located at Bavaria, the lake is a thing of beauty. The serene waters flowing amidst the surrounding mountains lets you witness paradise right on earth itself. It is a natural lake at Berchtesgadener Land district near the Austrian border and if you ever plan on visiting Germany, try not to miss the exhilarating view of this beautiful lake.

Bastion Bridge

At the Germany-Czeck border stands the Bastion Bridge that has stood through generations as a sandstone bridge 194 meters above the Elbe River. The appeal of the bridge lies in the fact that it was built in the year 1851 and till date stands as strong and erected. Far from the humdrum of the city life, Bastion Bridge has turned into one of the tourist hotspot due to its unique formation and visionary.

Wernigerode Castle

In the lesser known Harz mountains, stands one of the most under rated castles known by the name of Wernigerode Castle. The foundation of the castle was laid way back in the year 1213 and it is the architectural perfection that has always awed the onlookers. During the winters, when snow blankets the Wernigerode town, the castle is a sheer vision of joy. One can barely move his eyes away from what he witnesses looking at this breathtakingly beautiful castle.

Germany’s landscapes have won the hearts of millions around the world and still there is a lot more than what we already know. Bavaria, Rhineland, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Bonn, Mainz, Potsdam are only a few of the many more places that cannot be ignored in Germany. With a record high of 70 million tourists visiting Germany in the year 2014, the numbers are expected to increase in the coming years. With many more hidden secrets still uncovered in the country, considering it as your next destination in your travel bucket list is definitely a big yes!