Wedding – a grand celebration of one’s life for it is the unison of two souls in love and a start of a new journey together and to plan this wedding out and make it last as a memory of a lifetime is what couples intend to do. When the idea generation for the wedding plan takes place,  the first in the list is the wedding venue. And today,  the wedding destinations for people in India are not just restrained within the national borders but tend to surpass these limitations and go for places beyond the oceans. Wedding destinations in India is definitely a total hit and people do vouch out for these places and make the weddings as fancy and glam as it can be. However, when the nation has been explored, why not go international?

Wedding destinations abroad has infinite choices and to select one out of them all is definitely a humongous task. So in order to make the task a little easier one can filter out places according to the eligibility criteria one decides to apply on it whether it should be a beach wedding, a snowy one, a lavish one or a small town affair. Then accordingly, as the list gets smaller, one can then decide on it by opting for the best of it all. The decision made however, must be unanimous so that everyone involved in it are equally pleased, most importantly the bride and the groom.

Amongst the foreign destination weddings, European Cities castle in Scotland, Romantic Chateau in France, Views of Bosphorus ,  beach weddings in Ibiza or Barri  are the most popular one thus getting maximum calls of it all.There are some amazing beach destinations in America like the Belize in Central America just south of Mexico. This place is ethereal with a country feeling and landscapes one can never imagine possible. Then again there are some fascinating islands in Hong Kong like Song Saa Private Island, which one can entirely book for wedding purposes and make it a heavenly walk through the aisle. Then there are the Fiji islands or the sands of Tanzania, the Cape Town beaches or the sunset of Hawaii, the rainforests of Malaysia or the caves of New Zealand. The world is a mammoth place with divine locales one can go for, as wedding destinations. All one needs to have is the heart to spend and a bank account to have the heart to spend! And when one has that, memories will definitely be made amongst the most beautiful and pristine places of the world and these memories would be priceless and eternal.