The world is filled with wine lovers – correction; the world is blessed to be filled with wine lovers. Those who share this drunken lover affair know that wine tasting can be a unique experience which starts from the vineyards itself!

A trip to some of the best vineyards across the globe calls for lush green surroundings and getting tipsy on heavenly wine collections.

Beaujolais, France

A region which once got mentioned as part of Burgundy, Beaujolais has marked its own appellation owing to the distinct Gamay Noir grapes, which is used for the wines in the region. This place produces mostly Red Wines along with the popular Beaujolais Nouveau. The craze for Beaujolais Nouveau hypes up every year during November, when it is released for sale. The light fruity Red wines of the region are almost sold out during the same year of harvest.

Loir-et-cher, France

Loir-et-cher is not only known for its vineyards, but also the splendid landscape with rich culture fills the air of the region. Covering the Loir valley, known as the Garden of France, the region offers light fruity red wines produced from Gamay Grapes of Cher Valley.

Madrid, Spain

The region has a long history of wine making dating back to as early as the 8th century. Once known for being a bulk producer of wine, wine makers in the region have transitioned to producing better quality wines and have slowly started to gain a reputation for it. The vineyards around Madrid are covered under the designation of Vinos de Madrid.

When in Vinos de Madrid, go for the white wines made from Mavar and albillo and Red wine made from Garnacha. These are few of the most popular varieties found here.

Island of Hvar, Croatia

Entitled to a proud history of wine-making, Island of Hvar continues to attract visitors owing to its vineries. You may visit the breathtaking village any time of the year but a visit in August will lead you to enjoy the yearly Wine festival that they hold. Apart from that, wine tours around the vineyards are surely a delight as you get to experience wines produced from nearly 130 indigenous grapes.

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is home to some of the notable wine regions such as Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti Classico, Nobile di Montepulciano, Vernaccia di san Gimignano and Carmignano. Wine tasting out here is an indulgent affair, as you get to take in the essence of carefully aged wines along with freshly baked bread. It is the perfect match for food and wine lovers.

Tokaj, Hungary

Hungary itself can be better referred to as the old wine world. And when we speak of Tokaj, we are talking of the gold standard of wine regions in the country. The region is famous for its special sweet red wine – Tokaji and dry white wine – Furmint. These extremely sweet wines contain high acidity which balances the flavor. The next time you are at Hungary, make sure to visit Tokaj, and try one of the delectable wines with cream cheese or lemon tarts.

Yarra Valley, Australia

Home to some of the high profile wineries in the world Yarra Valley is the ultimate wine destination for any wine lover. If Chardonnay, sparkling white wine and Pinot Noir is your favourite, wine touring in the area can be a spectacular treat. From several award winning wineries in the region, you can choose the next best destination for a remarkable wine tour.

The next time you are in one of these places, be sure to check out the amazing vineyards and meet the respective wine makers along the way. Apart from these places, Argentina, Germany, South Africa, etc are also known for their wine regions. You may uncover the aromatic wine essence of these places as well!