As the wedding bell rings in the winter season, what calls for next is a honeymoon trip for the newlyweds to a place as an escapade from the city hustle bustle into a tranquil enclave. One of the most beautiful and indeed important phases of a married alliance is the honeymoon for it is the start which would pave way for a journey of eternity hand in hand. Wedding held in the winter period calls for deep contemplation on locations to opt for the honeymoon purpose. However, the world being a majestic and breath taking place, there definitely is no dearth of the perfect getaway for the winter wedded.
1. Caribbean Island
With spectacular beauty everywhere, the Caribbean islands are a place to be during the winters. With lush forests, blue water and the sizzling sun, St. Kitts and Nevis presents some of the world’s most golden beaches for the lovers to cuddle and kiss. Trekkers can hike to up the mountains here and to the Nevis volcano peak which is one of the tourist spots here.
2. Thailand
Synonymous with ‘romance for the love-struck’, Thailand is considered one of those countries in Asia that has mesmerized the travellers to re-visit the place over and over again. With a plethora of exotic locations, be it the wild treks or the sparkling beaches or the metropolitan urbanity, the country has it all. Thailand with its classic cuisines and energetic nightlife has managed to give the newlyweds a complete package to experience.
3. Germany
Yearning for an action filled romantic getaway? Germany is surely the answer. The place is of serene nature during the winters and what could be more romantic than walking through the streets of Berlin with the snow falling and the newlyweds closely knitted into each other’s arms.
4. Iceland
A second heaven, as it is considered to be, Iceland is considered one of the most off-track honeymoon destinations for couples who intend not to just make love post wedding but also witness what nature’s got to give, when in love. Reykjavik, one of the most sought after places in Iceland, this is the largest city and the capital of Iceland. With sweeping views of the sea and the hills along with the dramatic volcanic settings, Iceland definitely ought to make the honeymoon a one-of-a-kind experience.
5. Switzerland
The name itself sends shivers through the spine for the chill and the thrill of this place is unbeatable. The high peak of the Alps, the lakes and the villages of the land is as mesmeric as the snow settled mountains, slopes and the valleys. The Swiss Alps, Lake Geneva, Lake Zurich and many more keeps on adding to the to-see list of this enormous country and witnessing it with your other half is definitely worthwhile.