Is it a matter of grave concern for you when you travel to a new place, as to where you must lodge or accommodate yourself?  Have you ever thought about, what if you could have a home away from home in a new place, new location with your friends and family and spend time there at your comfort level just the way you do back at home? Sounds pleasant, right? Well, that is why there are serviced apartments to give you the comfort of home with all the luxuries of life. So, why opt for serviced apartments and how does it benefit you more than hotels?

Concierge Services

The name says it all! The services apartments provide you with 24 hours concierge services thus guiding you with any kind of service you might require in the new place. It is also extremely convenient to be armed with knowledge from the local staff itself that can help you with anything you want starting from transport information to tourist hotspots.


Well, wouldn’t you love to have that whether you are with your friends or family?When you visit any place, you definitely don’t want anybody poking into the leisure times you are spending with your near ones. Whether you want to gather together and chill out with a few drinks or you want your kids to play around without a worry in the world, serviced apartment is the answer.


The best part of being in serviced apartments is having the best of both worlds: a home and a hotel! Be at liberty to have all the privacy and the comfort of home and at the same time, not to worry about organizing or cleaning any part of it, for the housekeeping services of the apartment are there to do all of it! Tempting, isn’t it?

Private kitchen

Craving for a hot cup of tea? Why wait? Just go to the kitchen and make yourself one, just the way you always love to have it! The perks of having your own private, fully equipped kitchen in a tourist place is many and of all of it, the best is that you can have your kind of food made without spending some extra cash on any chef or ordering from outside. It is in fact a boon for those with special dietary requirements.


Services apartments definitely give you ample amount ofspace that you have for your own private advantage. Hotels having suites or premium rooms confine you to a certain place, however with serviced apartments you are not confined and the fresh air definitely keeps you sane!

With years of expertise and know-how on the serviced apartments available today in and around the cities, MS Travels can suggest you some of the finest in Europe such as Jumeirah and Arlington House, AKA in the US and many more. Our priority is to give you the comfort, luxury and some quality time when you visit a new place and with the serviced apartments we suggest, we assure you all of it making your stay the best you experience.