So how often do you hit the road? How often are your bags packed and how often do you actually stay at home? A few answers to these questions would clarify if you are a frequent traveller or not, be it for business purpose or pleasure. Every frequent business traveller has certain signs you wouldn’t find in others, so let us check out those signs and check list if you have them as well or not.

1. You remember and can recite the entire aircraft safety demonstrations enacted, by heart. You remember all of the procedures required to follow in the airport.

2. Your mobile is filled with various travel apps that come in very handy when you travel places. Booking flight tickets, hotel rooms or other bookings that may be required to be done are handled through all of your apps.

3. When you travel international, you definitely require foreign currencies and when you are a frequent business traveller you either have atleast five different foreign currencies on your top drawer or it is easily accessible to you from the exchange booths.

4. Your facebook friend list is filled with people from different nations and the comments you get are often in different languages.

5. The map in your phone always stays updated and apart from online map, you have offline maps as well just in case the internet ditches you.

6. You roll your clothes rather than folding it, for a traveller knows how to save space in the suitcases and trolley bags. Minimum luggage must always be the way of travel.

7. You are treated as a personal travel agent amongst your group of friends, colleagues or relatives. With travelling being so frequent people tend to run to you for any sort of counselling.

8. You haven’t paid for any of the travelling you have done lately for the entire cost of travel is on the company. When the vacation is being paid for, you know you travel a lot.

9. You always have a spare bag packed, just in case you need to make an emergency exit for business reasons. You never know where you are going to be the next day!

10. Your passport is filled with stamps and you can recite your passport number faster than anything else.

11. Your neighbours and family are surprised when they see you, for the absence from home you strictly maintain.

12. Be it food or any travel spots, you are an expert in that.

13. With the frequent travelling that you carry out, no hassles and delays in transport and communication is a big relief and blessing for you.

14. Your house is filled with souvenirs and relics from different places.

15. You do own a set of miniature items rather than full items for the sake of carrying it as conveniently as possible.

16. Jetlags don’t bother you anymore.

17. You refer to different airport locations in terms of their airport codes.

18. You simply can’t work without travel anymore!